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All colours of the rainbow!

hi I currently have pups available here at Sharnimaine Border Collies, I have a gorgeous choc and tan merle male a red harlequin merle male choc males choc sable males, black sable female and black sable male, chocolate females and a red male please message me for more details I also offer payment plans in the next few weeks till christmas too    please phone for immediate response 0411049510

New puppies now available  lilac male,  and choc male  17/7/22

10/12/22  Border collies older breeding  pups available now .  Lilac male and choc and  white and possibly a choc and tan  female  - approximately 8 months old Pet price $1200    Registered Breeder price $3000 
We also a guardian home opportunity.

I am a registered breeder Sharnimaine Border Collies. MDBA #12996. and have border collie puppies ready to go and a new litter on it’s way. Please message me for more details. All pups are vaccinated, microchipped. Wormed regularly and vet checked and come with pedigree papers 991003000817998. I’m also on the lookout for a guardian home for an older border collie female or male . If you live within the Penrith areas through to Orange and wish to enquire. Please ring 0411049510    There is no charge but a-guardian contract is to be signed 


    NEW Announcement  :-  I am on the lookout for a few guardian homes for adult border collies,, these are lovely natured  I just cannot keep them all  within a 2 hour drive from my place (near Lithgow). If you think you have a suitable home to offer... conditions  apply, please contact me 0411049510


    1. We aim to breed placid border collies. All our border collies are DNA clear and all puppies will come registered with Limited –pet quality puppies and will be DNA clear. So these puppies can never develop CL, CEA or TNS as parents are DNA tested to ensure pups can never be affected.

    With over 20 years of breeding, we are responsible for producing loyal, affectionate and fun-loving border collies! We focus on temperament,, health and sound body puppies. We have therefore developed a reputation of producing placid and affectionate, gentle, loyal dogs.



    We are located in between Lithgow and Bathurst approximately 90 minutes drive from Penrith and 60 minutes drive from Katoomba! Interstate

  2.  If you think you have a suitable 

  3. Thank you for your interest in one of our Border Collies. I am a registered breeder with 'Master Dog Breeders & Associates'. MDBA. # 12996

  4.  Read these reviews from other happy customers                                Words speak for themselves, 

  5. ‘Sharnimaine Border Collies’.  

  1. Travel is available with drop offs at Sydney airport for small additional charge!


    Specialising in coats of many colours including black and whites, chocolate and whites, sables, blues and white, lilacs and whites (2018) and red and whites, with even tri and merle colourings.   


    All puppies are wormed every 2 weeks, are vaccinated at 6-7 weeks of age, Micro-chipped and insured for the first 6 weeks once they arrive in their new homes with ‘Petplan’ puppy insurance! 

    All pups come with limited registration papers with ‘. Limited registration means not for breeding or showing! Inquiries for main can be considered or pick of the litter price!

    Puppies leave for their new homes when they are 8 weeks old!

    A non –refundable deposit of $700 is required to secure your puppy. Full payment on pickup or before traveling if interstate!


    Each puppy will come with a puppy starter pack which includes food and food samples, a collar, toys, information leaflets and booklets, a smelly toy with the scents of its brothers and sisters and mother for easier transition into their new homes, their vaccination card and micro-chipping details, registration papers, and information sheets on feeding, bathing, worming and healthcare!

    Puppies leave for their new homes when they are 8 weeks old. 

  1. All pups come with ‘Limited’ pet registration papers with 'MDBA # 12996"

  1. Perspective puppy buyers are welcome to come and meet the adults and the parent’s of their puppy. Most people are amazed at the calmness and friendly personalities of my adult dogs; they are affectionate and tolerant of young children and older persons as well as other animals. We have great testimonials on his website showing happy customers , some whom have come back for puppy number 2 and 3!

  2. If you are interested in one f our border collies, please don’t hesitate to contact me! And enjoy my website!

  3.  Yours Trish and Brett and the gang at ‘Sharnimaine Border Collies’!

A typical Border Collie!

4 words say it all.......the possibilities are endless....

Remember a puppy is a real live thing!

I'm stuffed mum, I'm too tired to move! Think Ill just hug the plate! First solids.                       Blue Merle litter!

'Border Collie Security Training' is guaranteed with the purchase of your 'Sharnimaine' puppy

Happy Borders!

My Dogs enjoying their acreage!


The way we run things around here!

The Border Collie Way!




One of mine on Kings Cross Billboard!           

Courtesy of Mary- Louise!

NEWSFLASH:- We welcome some new girls here at 'Sharnimaine Border Collies. They are also very placid indeed, and they have moved in here like they own the joint! Lovely sweet natured girls! We are tickled pink!                                                                                                                                                                  
Here at Sharnimaine Border Collies!

 We have been breeding lovely placid dogs here for over 23 years and pride ourselves on our good reputation! Our dogs live on acreage and have plenty of good country air to breathe in and run around on. Please spend some time and read our testimonials from happy owners, some who have come back for more than just the one pup!

All our dogs are all genetically tested clear of TNS, CEA and CL; so no puppy will ever be born having any of these nasties.






 One of our previous bred pups saying a Merry Christmas back to us!





















James Dean and a Border Collie




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